Holistic movement instruction using the principles of Pilates and the Franklin Method™  


Movement is not just exercise, it is influenced by science, the arts, history, societal norms and expectations, health and diet, socio-economic status, emotional and mental health and finally circumstance (pregnancy, age, career, parenthood). Knowing this, I take into account the individual needs of every person and consider the person, as a whole of many parts. 



Take the opportunity to strengthen and lengthen using the principles of Pilates and the Franklin Method for a 10-week session. You will gain strength, body awareness, knowledge of anatomy and will be empowered to apply what you learn in class into your everyday life.


Life is busy and sometimes getting out to a class just isn’t going to cut it. I offer remote learning options where you will receive a program designed just for you. It will include a thorough assessment to understand your needs, follow-up, and video conferencing to ensure that you are on the right track.



The Pilates equipment is quite transformative because it can bring you to the next level. It is great for building strength, but it allows for flexibility when dealing with special circumstances, such as injury and pregnancy.



Looking to prepare for and/or recover from the birth of your precious baby. There are many safe and effective ways to do that.


Do a deep dive into anatomy and function to improve your movement and to support your daily life. Then we spend some time applying your new knowledge about your body with an exercise so that you can integrate it all into your body. Hosted in a serene and tranquil environment at a beautiful King City estate.


I’m Christina

I had a calling to learn and teach Pilates in 2007 and I haven’t looked back. I was drawn to Pilates for its intricate workings of the body to promote healthy and functional movement.

Ten years and three children later, I felt a strong desire to build my own practice so that I could fit my teaching into life with three small children. I lovingly named my new project, Matters of Movement.


Having been educated in Classical Pilates and the Franklin Method, with a background in physical education, I use a combination of all these influences to teach. 

The Franklin Method™ teaches about freedom of movement without unnecessary tension, the use of imagery to improve movement, the art of change (being able to make and notice change in the body), and finally the anatomy and biomechanics of movement. 

I have fittingly named my pelvic skeletal model Elvis. You know, like Elvis the Pelvis. I LOVE to teach with bones and as many visuals and props as possible. There is no one size fits all, movement is the ultimate goal.



I felt like a butterfly folding and unfolding my wings


Thanks for the great experience, you’ve got me hooked


Since starting your challenge I have been pain free!! I found that a simple 10 minute was so beneficial to my body. I felt relief within the first few times I did your first video. It is giving me strength in areas I require. My overall physical and mental health is much better as is my sleep. Thank-you